Top Three Info Age Projects


1. Cave painting finger painting/charades – partly because I came up with it, but mostly because I think it would be a good way to bring balance to the way most of us have focused on the class. Most of us are pretty interested in modern technology i.e. social media, propaganda campaigns, radio broadcasting, etc.

In terms of the tools we could use obviously paper and paint would be a step in the right direction, but I think it might be cool to create our own cave paintings and using the Mapping tool through Knightlab scan the images and put them on a world map. Putting them in places were cave paintings have been discovered, which is everywhere, but I think putting it a global map like that will emphasize its importance as a primitive form of communication.

2. Develop a propaganda campaign or film – Developing a propaganda campaign would be a pretty good way to use all the resources we have available at the ITCC. We could develop short live-action films using the sound equipment, video cameras, or even the green room for the campaigns. We could even use social media as a tool for the campaign.

3. ┬áLive Tweeting historical events – I thought this idea was a pretty good idea too. As everyone else says, it would serve as a good comparison between modern and old technology and could even demonstrate how events could have gone differently with other forms of technology.

Beyond using twitter obviously, if we did multiple events we could use Knightlab’s Timeline tool to display the tweets directly which I think could be a great way to organize the events and the “reactions” that we’re supposed to tweet. Pictures could also be added, along with video clips if we wanted.